Business Advisory

It’s not only about the concept but a business model which is sustainable, scalable and marketable.

Not only the Financial Part, but we tackle all aspects of business from marketing your product, creation of distribution channel, business and product promotion, website design, concept development as well as to secure specific projects for you. The objective of all our services is to give you a one stop solution towards improving your market reach, operational matrix & brand positioning.

Most of our works is based market research from Primary as well as Secondary Sources. We have a wide network of Industry Experts to give you specific inputs in your business and help you get the desired projects.

On Brand Promotion, we develop specific concept based theme and help you position your product or brand at the desired level within the Target Group. Not only we develop an effective promotional strategy, we also help you get the promotional products develop and delivered to your door steps.

When it comes to packaging or web design, the in-house team of experts are with you to deliver the design you thought about. Customized gift solutions for your vendors, customers or executives are a phone call away from you.

Why KeySol Capital?

You are doing fine but struggling to turn a profit or scale up the business, then you are at the right place. In modern business its not about business but the way we do our business. Sometimes a complex issue requires specialized skills for a quick solution. We learnt hard with our experiences & we implement those experiences of what not to do for a business.
We create a culture of friendship and brings new insights into your business processes thereby improving scalability, profitability and most importantly sustainability.