Virtual CFO

A reliable Cost effective and timely delivery of a much needed services for you.

Strategic Management

We help in process of formulation and implementation of future goals and initiatives of the company. We help in evaluating available resources, in assessment process of relevant micro and macro-economic factors.
An overall direction to your business catering formulation of policies and implementation frame work, allocating of resources like Manpower, Funds, Infrastructure in tandem for effective implementation. We follow SHIO model to achive the goal which has continuous feedback from focus group.
Our Strategic Management Solution designed to ensure a smooth Business Operation & Efficient utilization of available resources to overcome any hurdles toward the growth of your enterprise.

Cash Flow Management & Budgeting

CFM is the core of the business. We ensure an effective planning of your future cash inflow and outflow to ensure smooth and uninterrupted business operation. Our cash velocity concept brings your cash flow system effective saving lots of cost and ensuring available funds for your day to day operation.

We help you in planning and anticipating costs and expenditure of various financial commitments within the normal business and capital expansion. We help developing short term to mid-term financial; help you preparing Sales Budget, production budget for an effective allocation of resources.

Financial Reporting

It’s an effective tool to judge and analyze your business. Periodic Financial Reporting to Management helps in internal management and control of an

organization. This reporting is important and forms the integral part of Accounting & Reporting system of an organization.

We help generate specific requirements for evaluation by the Top Management. We help developing effective MIS reporting system for each of verticals towards building an effective organization.

Human Resource Management

“The Core Resource to any institute” requires special care. No organization can run without a solid team in place. We help you in Top Level Talent Recruitment Process, Effective toll for Motivation & a tailor made strategy to develop organization culture within the institute.
We will not explain much on this service and would seek 1 hour to be with your team to explain our capabilities.